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The Hairy Bikers Go Local - Ingredients List

 The Hairy Bikers visit South Wales

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Hope you enjoyed watching the brand NEW series of The Hairy Bikers GO LOCAL on Tuesday 3rd January 2023 on BBC2. We had lots and lots of fun on the day, filming with The Hairy Bikers. We were really nervous on the morning of the filming, waiting for Si and Dave to arrive. However, from the moment they got off their motorbikes and greeted us, they put us at ease. In case you're wondering.... yes, they are exactly the same on camera as they are off camera - really lovely, genuine, down-to-earth guys who love riding motorbikes.

The days filming required us to take The Hairy Bikers through the process we follow when making our delicious Nduja (Italian-style spreadable salami). Making Nduja can be a pretty messy endeavor at the best of times.... and, enlisting the help of Si and Dave only added to the chaos :)

Throughout the two days of filming it was clear to see how genuinely enthusiastic they both are about discovering great tasting food and its provenance. They were particularly interested in seeing the whole charcuterie making process from the raising of our own rare-breed Berkshire pigs, to the butchery and manufacture of our air-dried products. Si and Dave thoroughly enjoyed the final tasting part of the process - and we can't blame them for that.

If you would like to try any of the ingredients used in The Hairy Bikers recipe, then please use the links at the top of this page to take you directly to the individual items required. We have also put together The Hairy Bikers Complete Ingredients List that contains all three charcuterie products used in the recipe.