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Coppa - Fennel with Black Garlic

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Traditionally cured using salt, ground black peppercorns and fennel seeds. Each Coppa is cold smoked over English Oak and air-dried for a minimum of 3-5 months to fully develop a full-flavoured ham. Available as sliced packs (45g)

Nitrate & Nitrite FREE

Free-Range Pork (145g of Pork to make 100g of product), Sea Salt, Fennel, Black Garlic

Allergen advice: Free-from all known allergens

Once opened, store in the fridge and consume within 2-3 days

Do not exceed the use by date

Serving Suggestions

This is a ready-to-eat air-dried ham, lightly spiced with Fennel, Black Garlic and cold smoked over an maple wood fire. Great on sandwiches or eaten as part of an antipasti.