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Fermented Black Garlic

Twin Pack

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We carefully ferment our  garlic in a climate controlled environment for 4-6 weeks to produce a sweet umami-tasting gummy bear garlic that's ready to eat... there's no need to cook these wonderful creatures.

Black garlic is an extremely versatile ingredient that can be added to almost any dish that calls for garlic:

  • It is perfect when added to home-made soups and stews to give a rich umami flavour.
  • It can easily be mashed up and combined with olive oils to create delicious salad dressings.

Black garlic can be of course be used to replace normal garlic in any recipe to give a special culinary twist to your cooking. Simply add a clove of black garlic to your favourite recipe, towards the end of the cooking process - much like a seasoning.

If you've never tried these before, then you really wont be disappointed! Personally, I love eating black garlic as part of a charcuterie board with air-dried meats, crackers and a good hard goats cheese - simply divine.

TIP> The outer skin can also be used to make super tasty gravy! Simply use the outer skins instead of onion for a deeply satisfying taste that marries perfectly with beef, chicken and pork.

Sold as whole bulbs